Care for the Skin - Caress for the Soul

Ms. YoungYe Cho‘s passion has always been to make women even more beautiful. She has tested many products herself and searched for the best ones. She therefore only uses products for her customers that she is very confident in.

Ms. Cho has over 30 years of experience as a beautician. A flawless face and clear skin is particularly important to Korean women. She has therefore imported various techniques from Korea to make your skin glow

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Our Beauty Salon

Deep facial treatments

Ms. Cho opted for the !QMSMedicosmetics product range for her skin treatment. These products were developed by the renowned physician and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Erich Schulte. The active ingredients in this cosmetic line are dosed in such a way that they are highly effective. A radiant complexion, smaller pores, fewer wrinkles and the disappearance of impurities are achieved here by allowing the skin to regenerate better and faster and to be freed from harmful influences. !QMSMedicosmetics goes into depth and is intended for long-term use – the success of the result is literally written on your face.

High-quality eyelash extensions

There is nothing more feminine than long eyelashes. They form the perfect frame for the windows to the soul: for your eyes. Long lashes beautify a face – the eyes always look perfect even without eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara. At CHO Beauty, we work exclusively with Xtreme Lashes®, a quality product from the world market leader, which not only ensures a natural and great look, but is also comfortable and easy to wear.

Cosmetic treatments for the face can also be combined with eyelash extensions – just ask during your visit!

Services & Prices

Prices Cosmetic Treatments

!QMS Classic

Power Care for the Skin

Deep cleansing, peeling, mask, serum, massage, final care (approx. 90 min.)


!QMS Neo Tissudermie

Especially for Skin Tightening

Deep cleansing, peeling, mask, serum, special acupressure massage, final treatment (approx. 90 min.)


!QMS SOS Treatment

"Rescue care" for the skin

Deep cleansing, removal of skin impurities, serum, mask, final care (approx. 60 - 120 min.)


!QMS Basic Treatment

Basic Treatment and Care

Deep cleansing, serum, mask, final care (approx. 45 min.)


Prices Eyebrows/Permanent Make-Up



Combo Brow


Ombre Powder Brow


Eyeliner Upper Oney


Hair Line





Prices Eyelash Extension


up to 30 eyelashes (per eye)



30 - 40 eyelashes (per eye)


Naturelle Extra

40 - 50 eyelashes (per eye)



30 - 40 eyelashes (per eye)


Mascara Extra

60 - 75 eyelashes (per eye)


Glamouros Diva

75 - 90 eyelashes (per eye)



After 2 Weeks


After 3 Weeks


After 4 Weeks


After 5 Weeks


After 6 Weeks


Scope of Service

The prices apply to both eyes and include the first refill appointment. No refill for “Starter” package.

For new customers, we will refill all missing lashes free of charge once after a check-up so that you can learn how to use Xtreme Lashes®. If you do not attend the refill appointment within 14 days, the regular refill price will be charged.

At each refill appointment, as many lashes are refilled as were applied during the first lash set.


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